IoChat is a substitute for regular chat clients with the following features:

  • Presence status
  • Text, audio, video chat
  • File and screen sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Multi-platform support

There are several differences separating it from a regular online chat service:

  • It is based on open-source solutions with additional modules and the whole of the client application developed in house.
  • An IoChat server can be self-hosted, ensuring no tampering or data interception can happen, since even SenLab can’t access your server. You are provided with an OVF which you can install and configure in 15 min through our built-in web interface.
  • There is an extra emphasis on security. The communication is always peer to peer if possible, without the server in between. The web traffic is automatically routed to secure port 443 (or another, it’s your choice), audit is always on, the database can be encrypted at the row level and it can be set up in a way that prevents the administrator going through the communication. Even if the conference is going through your TURN server, it is still encrypted the whole way from one client to the other. The system can work internally (on a LAN or through VPN) without access to the internet which is just another layer of security completely under your control.
  • The source code can be provided on request.