Tip Nr. 1:

How to get rid of old fashioned phones in hotel rooms?

Room phones are yesterday's story. They don't fit into modern rooms, occupy valuable space, guests need to find numbers to call for room service.... Use a hotel room tablet and IoChat instead! With IoChat you can communicate not with only the hotel staff but also your peers inside or outside of the hotel - at no cost! And of course, the tablet can be used for any other hotel automation tasks, such as turning the heating system on/off, controlling a smart TV and similar.


Tip Nr. 2:

How to use IoChat to make a reservation or communicate with your potential guests?

We are in a booking.com era. But it is expensive to be a part of it. Therefore your goal is to make your own website attractive for users so they can make a reservation through it on their own. If you add a live chat button to your website you allow your potential guests to communicate directly with you (reception).


Tip Nr. 3:

How to use IoChat for internal hotel communication?

Wish to communicate with your team? Of course, you can call them using your phone, but you can use IoChat instead. Benefits?

- One and only communication channel

- Communication logs and online presence - know instantly who communicates with whom and what about, regardless where you are(in a hotel or at home)

- Additionally with our IoTool: your team locations

- IoChat rooms (sometimes you just need to send anyone somewhere and it doesn't matter who... publish your issue into an IoChat room and someone will take care of it)


Tip Nr. 4:

Can I also use IoChat for video surveillance (f.e. reception)?

Yes, a video camera and microphone can be easily attached to IoChat. What are the advantages over classic video surveillance? It uses only one and well-known system.


Tip Nr. 5:

How can we improve internal organization with IoChat?

There is no need to have different systems: one for communication between potential guests and reception, another for communication between guests and reception, yet another for internal communication and another for surveillance. One fits all! In case that your staff have their smartphones with them, you (as a hotel manager) can always communicate with them and even know where they are (with our IoTool - smarthotel IoT solution).


Tip Nr. 6:

Tip Nr. 6? In the heading, there were only 5 tips!

Well, we pick up the tab for this one!


What happens in a hotel stays in a hotel!

- Do you know where a sensitive conversation is routed through and stored?

- Do you control the whole conversation?

- Do you know if users credentials and IP addresses are hidden from outside world?

YES for IoChat!

IoChat uses a server installed and maintained in your hotel!

All communication is under your control, isolated, and all clients are on your local network. However, if you wish to connect clients to the Internet (outside of the hotel), the server also needs an Internet connection.