Using Video conferencing in a Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, WhatsApp and other chat software World? Where are the servers, who controls them?


Think again!


IoChat is a private live Audio/Video chat solution used by all types of security, safety, and defense organizations. Hosted locally. No Cloud.

IoChat allows security, safety, and defense organizations to set up their video monitoring system, take control of their internal communications and present a public face to the world. The purpose is simple: IoChat is used as a tool to save on cost, acquire new customers and users, serve as a way to increase their online presence (website), and win the online competition for public recognition and awareness.


IoChat - your Communications, your Application, your Servers, your Control


Audio/Video chat solution benefits:

- On-Site Presence; always on-line and in real-time, directly through your website (another possibility to capture clients), one channel for potential and current clients.

- Future customers and users can be anonymous, there's no need to use a phone (with its own number displayed) or e-mail (with its address). Some people prefer this and privacy is high on their priority list.

- Instant reply to any and all specific issues.Your customers and users will be happier if interactive support is available anytime (24/7), anywhere – using PC or only mobile devices (browser or application).

- Very efficient - Start a Video chat through your website with customers and users with just one click, no installations required.

- Flexible and customizable - Use your own GUI and modify it according to your customers' demands.


IoChat additional benefit:

- IoChat is self-hosted, therefore even more secure, flexible and completely under your control! IoChat servers are installed in your location, under your internal IT department control. We do not have any access to them.

- IoChat can be integrated into your own IT solutions (support solutions, web portals) with a few lines of code.