Tip Nr. 1:

How to increase your revenue and lower your costs?

There is a major advantage for you in offering IoChat as a complete video conferencing solution to your customers: let them use a solution of your own instead of others. With a solution under your control and with your own branding, everything will change. Your goal is to make your own solution attractive and simple to use for both your corporate and end-user customers, allowing them to take advantage of it and forget about Skype, Hangouts, and others. Unify your internal communication system this same solution. Additionally, if you add a live chat button to your website you allow your clients to communicate directly with you. Make your own Video Conferencing solution. With IoChat.


Tip Nr. 2:

How to lower your customers' costs?

Well, that is simple and well known. Offer IoChat to your end-user customers as a secure and private alternative to traditional chat implementations. It's easy to use, requires no installation, is widely compatible, and always accessible. Offer IoChat to your corporate customers as a service. An organization that can order a video conferencing solution with your other services and does not have to worry about integration is an organization with lower costs - a happy customer.


Tip Nr. 3:

How to provide better customer support?

Make classic contact forms on your website obsolete and replace (or supplement) them with IoChat. Let your customers contact the person they need, be that the technical support or some other department. Everybody loves a personal touch!


Tip Nr. 4:

How to use IoChat for internal team communication?

Wish to communicate with your team? Of course, you can call them using your phone, but you can use IoChat instead. Benefits?

- One and only communication channel

- Communication logs and online presence - know instantly who communicates with whom and what about, regardless where you are (at the office or at home)

- IoChat rooms (sometimes you just need to send anyone somewhere and it doesn't matter who... publish your issue into an IoChat room and someone will take care of it)


Tip Nr. 5:

How can you improve internal organization with IoChat?

There is no need to have different systems: one for communication between customers and you, another for internal communication and another for surveillance. One fits all! In case your team has their smartphones with them, you (as a manager) can always communicate with them.


Tip Nr. 6:

Tip Nr. 6? In the heading, there were only 5 tips!

Well, we pick up the tab for this one!


What happens at a telco stays at a telco!

- Do you know where a sensitive conversation is routed through and stored?

- Do you control the whole conversation?

- Do you know if the users' credentials and IP addresses are hidden from outside world?

- Are you sure that the solution you use is 100% bullet-proof? Do you have the source code?

YES for IoChat!

IoChat uses a server installed and maintained at your location!

All communication is under your control, isolated, and all clients are on your network.